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About Us

Smartgoogly is a one stop source for all the latest happenings in the Mobile and IT industry. Providing all the relevant information regarding gadgets which are now a part of our daily lifestyle and suggesting opinions on the same makes Smartgoogly a consumer friendly hangout zone.

We at Smartgoogly aim at updating the tech savvy consumers with easy yet detailed information on the stuff that matters to them.  You can search for the latest information on Mobile phones, Tablets, Ultrabooks, applications, games etc. on our site.

We rather than just being an information providing website focus on interacting with our visitors. Be it discussions or polls, we love to hear from you. Also, being in touch through other social networking channels makes us more than happy and gives us a kick to serve you better and make Smartgoogly not just another gadget portal but a place where you wish to come again and again!