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Top 10 Ink-Tank Printers Under Rs. 20,000- November 2017

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Top 10 Ink-Tank Printers

The Modern Ink-tank printers are the upgraded sibling of the critically acclaimed Ink-jet printer series that came few years back. The printers are based on the same technology as used by ink-jet printers, however pack a dedicated tank constructed to store extra ink. This allows the printer to deliver higher number of print outputs by using the same technology, improving the efficiency of the printer which otherwise wouldn’t have become possible with the conventional ink-tanks.

In our todays list we’ve itemized Top 10 Ink-Tank Printers Under Rs. 20,000 for the Month of November. The criteria of ranking the printers shall remain based on the printer efficiency along with the cost of printer.

So here is are the Top 10 Ink-Tank Printers Under Rs. 20,000

  1. Epson L565

Epson L565

The Epson L565 printer allows you to enjoy low cost colour printing with integrated scanning, copying and faxing with built-in ADF, Ethernet, WiFi and Espon connect feature for easy sharing. The printer is made for Business and SOHO users that can incudes a 30-page automatic document feeder for quick and easy multi-page scanning, copying and faxing.

The Epson L655 also features a 2.2-inch Mono LCD screen that makes it easy using the printer without the need of a personal computer. A 100-page fax storage memory ensures that all incoming faxes will be received. As for cost, each ink bottle costs Rs.320 and can yield upto 7,500 pages for color and upto 4,500 pages in monochrome. This bring the cost to about 7paise, 18paise for black and color, respectively. The printer offers a fast print speed of up to 9.2ipm and draft print speeds of up to 33ppm.

Buy Here- Roughly Rs. 18,370 on Flipkart and Roughly Rs.17,465 on Amazon

  1. HP DeskJet Ink Tank GT 5820

HP DeskJet Ink Tank GT 5820

HP’s latest series of ink tank printers is also featured in our Top 10 Ink-Tank Printers Under Rs. 20,000 list and comes in a curved design and offers high print volumes without sacrificing on quality. The printer can print upto 8000 color and upto 5000 black at an affordable cost per page. It’s a multifunctional printer and Print, copy and scan wirelessly. Although HP hasn’t claimed anything about the cost per page, however when calculated on the basis of print volume, the cost turns about to be about 10 paise for black and roughly 20 paise for color. The shelf price of each of the four ink bottles is Rs.499.

The HP DeskJet Ink Tank GT 5820 printer doesn’t have any ADF unit and comes with a flatbed type scanner. The printer has a seven segment display so we know the printer will not offer as many features as the Epson L565 when used without PC.

 Buy Here- Roughly Rs. 13,599 on Amazon and Roughly Rs. 13,599 on Flipkart

  1. Epson L361 Multifunction Printer

Epson L361 Multifunction Printer

Another from Epson in our Top 10 Ink-Tank Printers Under Rs. 20,000 list, the Epson L361 InkTank printer is perfect for home or office use, delivering high-quality prints at the lowest cost. The printer comes with the capability to scan and copy with high yield of upto 4,500 monochrome prints and upto 7,500 color prints. The Epson L361 comes with a pack of 4 x 70 ml (C, M, Y, Bk) genuine Epson ink that are available both online and offline at Rs.320 for each bottle.

The Epson L361 printer is a multi-function printer, which means it can print, copy and scan at much easy. The print speed is approx. 33ppm for monochrome while for color its approx. 9.2 ppm.

As for print cost, Epson claims that the printer could be very cost efficient at roughly 7paise for black and 18paise for color.

Buy Here- Roughly Rs. 10,999 on Amazon

  1. Canon Pixma G2002

Canon Pixma G2002

Sporting the smallest of all form factor, the Canon Pixma G2002 comes with an amazing built-in Ink tank colour technology that is capable of yielding up to 6000 monochrome prints and 7000 color prints. The printer packs a fast boot system that prints out high quality photo prints on glossy paper. The scanned print also turns out great.

The Pixma G2002 is build for Home and Small office use and offers print, scan and copy facilities. The printer can also printer borderless photographs and has a speed of upto 21 pages at a time. Even with all its great features the printer doesn’t pack wireless connectivity, so you only have the choice to print wired.

Canon hasn’t claim any figure in respect to printer efficiency, however as per the available details it would turn out to 18 paise for color and 10 paise for black. Ink cost for the printer is Rs.499 per bottle.

Buy Here- Roughly Rs. 10,999 on Flipkart and on Amazon at roughly Rs. 14,200

  1. Canon Pixma G4000

Canon Pixma G4000

Pixma G4000 is another great ink-jet printer made by Canon for home and small office users. The technology used by the printer remains the same. However, not the machine offers print, copy and scan along with fax feature. It’s a great printer that office high volume printing along with wireless printing capabilities. The Canon Pixma G4000 can print at upto 8.8ipm for monochrome and 5.0ipm for color documents.

As far as efficiency is concerned, the Canon Pixma G4000 can yield upto 7000 color prints and upto 6000 monochrome prints. This also makes the printer highly cost efficiently delivering the same per page cost as the above listed Pixma G2000. Cost of ink is also same as the Pixma G2000 at Rs.499 per bottle.

Buy Here- Roughly Rs. 16,599 on Flipkart and on Amazon at roughly Rs. 18,699

  1. Epson L130

Epson L130 Printer

Epson L130 is the smaller sibling of the above detailed Epson L361 printer. The L130 is constructed out of a marginally smaller form factor and offers the same high-quality prints at lower cost. The printer offers you ultra-low printing costs. Be it drafts or final copies, itineraries, movie tickets, or even reports and projects – at just 7 paise for black and 18 paise for a colour print – the L130 ensures printing is never an expensive affair. The printer can yield 4,000 pages per 70 ml black ink bottle and 6,500 pages for colour.

There is no fancy feature available on the Epson L130 like Wireless printing and ADF. The printer is manufactured for those users that only require the printer for high printing at fast printing speeds of upto 27 ppm for black and 15 ppm for colour. And remember it’s a single function printer.

Buy Here- Roughly Rs. 7699 on Flipkart and on Amazon at roughly Rs. 7697

  1. Brother DCP-T300 Colour Multifunction Ink Tank

Brother DCP-T300 Colour Multifunction Ink Tank

Next in our list is the Brother DCP-T300 colour multifunction ink tank printer that comes in a very professional looking build. The DCP printer weighs about 7kgs at a pocket-friendly price tag. The printer with 1200×600 pixel resolution gives high-quality printing results with well-detailed text and bright images. The Brother Black Pigment ink used in the printer is water resistant, gives you sharp and clear text every time you print.

The Brother DCP-T300 printer yield upto 6000 pages per ink bottle and offers speeds upto 27ppm in monochrome and 10ppm in colour documents. The printer consumables are available online at a price of Rs.460 per ink bottle for color, while the black ink is priced slightly higher at Rs.695.

Buy Here- Roughly Rs. 10,915 on Amazon

  1. Epson L380

Epson L380

Available on Amazon, Flipkart as well as offline, the Epson L380 is a great printer for home and office use. It’s a high yield multifunction printer, however doesn’t packs a display, so using the printer with the help of a PC is the only option left. The Epson L380 is also available at an affordable price tag and can yield upto 7500 pages in color and upto 4500 pages in black at low running cost.

In terms of speed and economy, the Epson L380 printer prints at a speed of upto 15PPM for color documents and 33PPM for Mono prints. Printer consumables are available online at Rs.320 for each ink bottle. This brings the cost to about 18 paise for color and about 7 paise for monochrome.

Buy Here- Roughly Rs. 12,945 on Flipkart and on Amazon at roughly Rs. 12,080

  1. Canon Pixma G2000

Canon Pixma G2000

Canon’s first refillable ink-tank printer, Pixma G2000 is amongst a high yielding printing available in India than runs at very low cost. The printer offers print, scan and copy features, however doesn’t incorporates a display to use alone. The Canon Pixma G2000 printer can yield up to 7000 pages for color and upto 6000 pages in monochrome prints. The printer is not only offers higher yields, it’s also as fast as the Pixma G2002 at upto 8.8ipm for monochrome and 5.0ipm for color documents.

As for consumables, the Pixma G2000 is coming at Rs.499 per bottle.

Buy Here- Roughly Rs. 10,599 on Amazon

  1.  HP Ink Tank GT 5810 Multifunction

HP Ink Tank GT 5810 Multifunction

Last on our list is the HP Ink Tank GT 5810 multifunction printer available in India at roughly Rs. 10,399. The printer offers print, scan and copy features and comes in curved professional looking design like its elder brother GT 5820. It’s a high yielding printer and can print upto 8000 pages in a single color print bottle and can print upto 5000 pages in monochrome.

The HP Ink tank GT 5810 only comes with a seven segment display along with easy controls for scan and copy. The printer can produce quality prints with sharp text and vibrant photos at an affordable price tag. The cost per page for color prints is about 20 paise, while for monochrome its only about 10paise per page. The consumables for the printer are available both online and offline at Rs.499 per ink bottle.

Buy Here- Roughly Rs. 10,399 on Amazon

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