Comparison: Canon EOS 77D VS Canon EOS 800D

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Canon EOS 800D vs Canon EOS 77D

Canon announced two new DSLR cameras recently in its digital camera arsenal with relatively subtle differences. The Canon EOS 77D VS Canon EOS 800D, both stacking high-end specifications at a much similar price tag, however most of you may be wondering that which one of the two cameras a better value for money. To make it easy we have prepared our latest Canon EOS 77D VS Canon EOS 800D comparison for you based on camera sensor size, dimensions and price.

Canon EOS 77D VS Canon EOS 800D: Feature Comparison
Canon EOS 77D Canon EOS 800D
·       24MP – APS-C CMOS Sensor ·       24MP – APS-C CMOS Sensor
·       ISO 100 – 25600 ( expands to 51200) ·       ISO 100 – 25600 ( expands to 51200)
·       Canon EF/EF-S Mount ·       Canon EF/EF-S Mount
·       3″ Fully Articulated Screen ·       3″ Fully Articulated Screen
·       Optical (pentamirror) viewfinder ·       Optical (pentamirror) viewfinder
·       6.0 fps continuous shooting ·       6.0 fps continuous shooting
·       1920 x 1080 video resolution ·       1920 x 1080 video resolution
·       Built-in Wireless ·       Built-in Wireless
·       540g. 131 x 100 x 76 mm ·       532g. 131 x 100 x 76 mm
·       Top LCD ·       No Top LCD
·       45 Focus Points ·       45 Focus Points
·       Battery Life- 600 Shots ·       Battery Shots- 600 Shots

Canon EOS 77D VS Canon EOS 800D: Body & Design

What really sets apart one camera from the other is its design and build quality. The T7i or Canon EOS 800D is very much a rebel. The camera is compact, plastic and has a single control dial on top adjacent to the small viewfinder. The 800D is marginally lighter, however looks similar to the EOS 77D. Both the cameras come with articulating screen that can be operated with touch controls.

Canon EOS 77D DSLR

The biggest difference in terms of design is with the top LCD which is only available on the EOS 77D. The top LCD is a great feature and helps you adjusting the camera faster in contrast to the LCD screen. In the night conditions as well, the camera can be operated with much ease.Canon EOS 800DThe control dial on the 77D is located on the left side due to the availability of Top screen on the camera. There is one other control dial packed on the Canon EOS 77D for Lock feature, while the 800D doesn’t come with that feature.Canon EOS 800D CameraOverall construction of both the Canon EOS 77D VS Canon EOS 800D is fairly the same. The size and weight also measure roughly the same. And the only differentiator between the two is the availability of the LCD screen on the 77D. And certainly the top LCD is a big differentiator.

Canon EOS 77D VS Canon EOS 800D: Features

The Canon EOS 77D and Canon EOS 800D share the same 24-megapixel APS-C sensor. This sensor sees a significant improvement in Raw dynamic range over the previous Canon sensors, though still falls behind most competitors. The EOS 800D and 77D have Canon’s latest Digic 7 processor that provides a full-stop improvement in JPEG high ISO noise levels compared to the Digic 6 processor.

Canon EOS 77D Camera

Raw noise performance in low light conditions should be similar between both the models. The native ISO range tops out at 25600 on Digic 7 vs 12800 on Digic 6. Both the two cameras can further expand their maximum ISO by a full stop. The company has also improved the subject-tracking performance on the Digic 7 processor over the Digic 6.

Digics aside, both the Canon EOS 77D VS Canon EOS 800D are equipped with the same Dual Pixel CMOS AF system, which is great for both videos and photos. They also share a 45-point, all cross-type phase detect system for shooting through the viewfinder as well as a 7560-pixel RGB+IR metering sensor that uses ‘Color Tracking’ to detect skin color and assist in focusing. The focus system is reliable and works fantastically under most of the lighting conditions.

Canon EOS 800D DSLR Camera

Additionally, both the Canon EOS 77D VS Canon EOS 800D cameras can record Full HD videos in 60p, 30p and 24p with exposure control and automatic ISO levels.

So which is the best for you?

Well, both the Canon EOS 77D VS Canon EOS 800D share similar specifications. The cameras pack the same sensor offering the same resolution. And the only difference remains with the additional dialer and the LCD sensor found on the EOS 77D. Obviously, if you’re a budget buyer you’ll go for the EOS 800D, however the additional controls dial on the EOS 77D saves a lot of hassle and the top LCD is a great add on.

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