Comparison: Epson L360 VS Canon Pixma G2002

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Epson L360 VS Canon Pixma G2002Ink-jet technology based on Ink-tanks is a cost efficient consumer printing technology available in the market at time. It arrived long before digital printing and is now available to masses at a much affordable price point than before. You know when an ink-jet printer integrates a tank packed with ink constructed on the inside or separate of the printer unit, such a printer is called an Ink-tank printer. I hope most of you may already be knowing that. Taking a note of which, today we have two of the affordable consumer centric hot selling products in Indian market, the Epson L360 VS Canon Pixma G2002.

To start, well both the printers have been launched in India for a long time now. Both the products can be purchased both online and offline, for which we’ll attach the link below with their respective pricing. However, in case you’re looking for the latest Ink-Jet printers, you can read our articles—Epson Inkjet Printers Launched in India and Canon Printer series Launched in India.

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Epson L360

Pricing at Rs. 10,799, Epson L360 is a Multi-Function Ink-jet printer that comes with a refillable ink tank feature. It’s a Multi-Function printer so Printing, copying and scanning are the primary functions that it executes. The printer is ideal for both home and small office use and can print up to 4,500 pages on one refill at a much affordable price. The printer is fast and prints at up to 33ppm and 15ppm for black and color, respectively. It supports multiple media sizes including A4, A5, A6, B5, DL and C6.

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Epson L360 Ink Cost- Rs.320 Per Bottle, Total- Rs.1280.

Epson tank

The Epson L360 also offers a fast copy speed of upto 5 seconds in monochrome and upto 10 seconds in color. The Flathead type scanner unit reaches out to a resolution of 600 dpi to scan crisp photos and documents. Although some of the features of the printer can be operated with connecting the printer to a computer, however for gaining access to all the features you’ll still need a PC.

Price and Availability- Flipkart at Rs.10,799


Canon Pixma G2002 on the other hand is priced at roughly Rs. 10,999 and is also available both online and offline. The printer offers a refillable ink tank and performs the functions of Printing, copying and scanning. It’s an ideal printer for home and small office users, and can yield upto 7000 pages at a time, which is much higher than the Epson L360. However, the printing speed of the printer is only upto 8.8ipm and 5ipm in monochrome and color, respectively. The printer supports A4, A5, B5 or DL page sizes and can copy upto 21 pages per minute.

Canon Pixma G2002 Ink Cost- Rs.499 Per Bottle, Total- Rs.1497.

The Flatbed type scanner unit on the Canon Pixma G2002 also delivers a resolution of 600dpi just like the Epson L360. The printer offers a couple of additional controls in contrast to what we saw on the Epson L360.

Price and Availability- Flipkart at Rs.10,999

Canon printerIn the end to wrap up the comparison we can say that the Canon Pixma G2002 is made for users who require high yield at an affordable price. While the Epson L360 is a good choice for those that are looking for faster printing speeds at roughly the same price, however at a marginally lesser yield.

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