Comparison: Google Pixelbook VS Apple Macbook Air

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Comparison google pixelbook vs apple macbook air

The worst-kept secret of Google is out, the Google Pixelbook, launched last week at a press conference in San Francisco along with a wide range of other products including the Pixel 2 smartphone (Full Specifications and features). The state-of-the-art Pixelbook is a very compact notebook and only measures 10mm in thickness. Not only the Pixelbook is super slim, the device also weighs a mere 1-kilogram. It was announced at a price tag of $999 (roughly Rs. 65,000).

It’s been a long time since Google has been working on the Pixelbook. The chrome OS based chromebook made its debut back in the year 2011. However, couldn’t create much charm in terms of sales digits across the years. And now we have the Google Pixelbook. While it’s good that the consumers have a new choice to look for contrary to the Apple Macbook, what’s more exciting is that the machine is shipping at a fairly inexpensive price tag along with higher specs.

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The Google Pixelbook offers you much more what the Apple Macbook Air doesn’t ship with, however there are some other features that you should look for before making a final choice.


Google pixelbook

Aesthetics are important, both for Apple and for the consumers. Taking a note of which Google has announced the Pixelbook measuring 11.4 x 8.7 x 0.40(in) in dimensions, which is as thin as the Macbook Air. However, the Pixelbook weighs about 1KGs and is lighter than the Apple Macbook Air that weighs about 1.35KGs.

The Apple Macbook Air features a 13.3-inch LED backlit widescreen display and supports a native display of 1440x900pixels, offering an aspect ratio of 16:10. The Google Pixelbook on the other hand features a smaller 12.3-inch display that delivers a higher 2400×1600 pixel resolution.

In terms of design, the Google Pixelbook looks squared shaped while the Macbook Air offers a much aesthetically pleasing form factor.


Both the Apple Macbook Air and Google Pixelbook are powered by the latest gen Intel processors. However, the Macbook Air only equips an Intel Core i5 processor in the top variant, while the Pixelbook comes with a higher Intel Core i7 processor on the top model and core i5 in the base option. The Macbook Air has a maximum of 8GB of memory, while the Pixelbook comes in 8GB and 16GB RAM variants.

Apple Macbook Air

There are 128GB and 256GB storage options available of the Apple Macbook Air, while the Google Pixelbook comes in 128GB, 256GB and 512GB storage choices.

Connectivity options on Apple Macbook Air are fairly extra than the Google Pixelbook. It packs Two USB 3.0 ports, Thunderbolt port, SDXC card slot and a 3.5mm audio jack. While the Google Pixelbook only ships with USB Type C port and 3.5mm audio jack.

In terms of connectivity, the Apple Macbook Air turns out a better choice.

Best of all is that you can flip the screen around and use the touchscreen to control the Google Pixelbook, while the Macbook Air will not offer you a similar feature due to the absence of both touchscreen and flip feature.

Google Pixelbook

Apple claims that the Macbook Air can deliver upto 12hours of battery life, and we’re pretty familiar with the low battery consumption levels on the Macbook. Pixelbook on the other hand also offers a strong 10hours of battery life. However, we’ll go with the Macbook Air in the battery life department.

On a final note we can say that Google has done a fantastic job in making a strong competitor to the Apple Macbook. The Google Pixelbook offers better storage options and features a touchscreen. You can also purchase the Smart pen at $99 (roughly Rs. 6,500), in case you wish to use the device for creative tasks. Apple Macbook Air on the other hand still packs an unmatchable user experience after a long time since its launch, along with the highly competitive specifications. So, if you want more versatility, longer battery life and a great user experience, Apple Macbook Air could be the best option for you. However, more storage options, touchscreen and a higher generation option give an edge to the newly launched Google Pixelbook.

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