Comparison: HP DeskJet GT5820 VS Epson L361

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HP DeskJet GT5820 VS Epson L361

Most of you may already know that Ink-jet technology based on Ink-tank printers is a cost efficient consumer printing technology available in the market at time. The products have been in production for a long time now and are available to masses at an affordable price point. However, the basic technology even after many years remains the same i.e., an ink-jet printer integrated with a tank packed either inside or separate of the printer unit. Today we have two of the best affordable Ink-Jet printers, the HP DeskJet GT5820 VS Epson L361 selected out of our list of Top 10 Ink-Tank Printers Under Rs. 20,000- November 2017.

The HP DeskJet GT5820 VS Epson L361 comparison gives you the highlight about product design, features and cost efficiency of both the printers

HP DeskJet GT5820 VS Epson L361 Design

Both the printers in HP DeskJet GT5820 VS Epson L361 comparison have a simple looking form factor. The heavier one out of the two HP DeskJet GT5820 weighs about 7Kgs, while the Epson L361 is marginally lighter at roughly 6Kgs. Ink-tanks on both the printers are positioned outside the printer body.

HP DeskJet GT5820

The HP DeskJet GT5820 comes in a stubby design with curved edges. The controls are placed on the top of the printers adjacent to its flatbed type scanner. There’s a seven-segment display next to controls that give information about remaining ink-levels and print commands.

Epson L361 Design

The Epson L361 on the other hand in HP DeskJet GT5820 VS Epson L361 comparison is a professional looking printer. The design is suggested for commercial users with high printing needs. The multi-function Epson L361 printer doesn’t come with a display and the bunch of controls are placed on front side of the printer.

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HP DeskJet GT5820 VS Epson L361 Features

Both the HP DeskJet GT5820 and Epson L361 printers are multi-function printers offering ultra-high performance at an ultra-low running costs. The printers can print monochrome and color documents with a refillable Ink-Tank that can easily be operated at home.

HP DeskJet GT5820 Features

Starting with the HP DeskJet GT5820 first. The printer can print at a maximum resolution of 4800 x 1200 dpi. It has a duty cycle of 1000 pages per month and supports A4, A6, B5 and DL media sizes. The printers input tray capacity is 60sheets, while the output tray capacity is 25sheets. The printer can print upto 8000 color and upto 5000 black at an affordable cost per page.

Epson L361 Features

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Epson L361 on the other hand offers a resolution of 5760 x 1440 dpi. The input capacity of the printer is 100 pages in contrast to the 30 pages output capacity. The printer can print on A4, A5, A6, B5, 10x15cm(4x6in), 13x18cm(5x7in), 9x13cm(3.5x5in), Letter (8 1/2x11in), Legal (8 1/2x14in), Half Letter (5 1/2×8 1/2in), 13x20cm(5x8in), 20x25cm(8x10in), 16:9 wide size, 100x148mm, Envelopes: #10(4 1/8×9 1/2in), DL(110x220mm) and C6(114x162mm) media sizes. It comes with the capability to scan and copy with a yield of upto 4,500 monochrome prints and upto 7,500 color prints.

HP DeskJet GT5820 VS Epson L361 Economy

We know that the number of features in a printer are very important, however at the end of the day it comes down to cost per page whether you’re a home user or commercial user.

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In our HP DeskJet GT5820 VS Epson L361 comparison, the HP DeskJet GT5820 can print upto 8000 color and roughly 5000 monochrome documents. The cost turns about to be about 10paise for black and roughly 20paise for color. Each ink bottle is available at a shelf price of Rs.499.

In comparison to HP, the Epson L361 offers a yield of upto 4,500 monochrome prints and upto 7,500 color prints. The Epson L361 comes with a pack of 4 x 70 ml (C, M, Y, Bk) genuine Epson ink that are available both online and offline at Rs.320 per bottle. Epson claims that the printer could be very cost efficient at roughly 7paise for black and 18paise for color.

I guess based on the number of features and cost per-page, you can easily make the choice. 

Buy Here- HP GT5820 at roughly Rs. 13,599 on Amazon and Roughly Rs. 13,599 on Flipkart

Buy Here- Epson L361 at Roughly Rs. 10,999 on Amazon

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