Comparison: HP LaserJet M1005 VS HP LaserJet Pro M126nw

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HP LaserJet M1005 VS HP LaserJet Pro M126nw

If you need to scan, copy, or fax in addition to printing, an AIO (All in One printer) is the way to go. In our today’s HP LaserJet M1005 VS HP LaserJet Pro M126nw comparison, both the printers bring consumers a range of features beyond printing and come in our favourites range. The small printer models are suitable for home or home-office use and barely cost Rs. 14,000. Both the mid-priced printers offer swift laser printing experience with a high duty cycle and low cost printing. The machines are available online as well as offline. However, before you select one out of the two, here is a quick comparison of both the printers that tells you of which one is an overall better value for money.

HP LaserJet M1005 VS HP LaserJet Pro M126nw- Design

Design is one of the key areas that a consumer should look carefully before choosing a printer due to space constraints.

HP LaserJet Pro M126nw

Starting with the HP LaserJet Pro M126nw, the multi-function Laser printer measures 420 × 365 × 254 mm in dimensions and weighs about 8.0kgs. It is available in a matte black finish that looks pretty professional for office use. There’s a 2-line LCD display on this HP Office Printer that helps you to manage the device easily. And the printers’ compact design helps this HP Monochrome Printer to fit well into small office spaces.

HP LaserJet Pro M126nw

In terms of design, the HP LaserJet Pro M126nw incorporates a Flatbed type scanner at the top with the scanner section hinging up for easy access to the scanning area.  Underneath it, there’s the access to printer’s one-piece drum and the toner cartridge section.

HP LaserJet Pro M126nw

At the front, to the right of the printer body, there’s a flat control panel that folds up. The control panel incorporates keys for various printing commands and has some tiny buttons packed on it. The buttons look haphazard and are too tiny for regular use. The power button is located on the right measuring as small as a smartphone unlock key.

HP LaserJet M1005

Second on our HP LaserJet M1005 VS HP LaserJet Pro M126nw comparison, the HP LaserJet HP LaserJet M1005 is a comparatively old printer that comes in a stubby form factor. The printer offers limited features like print, scan and copy fulfilling only the basic printing needs with no truckload of features.

HP LaserJet M1005

As far as design is considered, the LaserJet M1005 looks good, and has everything positioned correctly. Just like the M126nw, the scanning area is located on the top and has the control panel adjacent to it. Page input area is at the bottom with the tray covering the sheets, while the output unit is at the top-front. The buttons are again tiny but are comparatively easy to use. The power and USB ports are located at the rear side of the printer.

HP LaserJet M1005 VS HP LaserJet Pro M126nw- Features and Economy

The HP LaserJet Pro M126nw is a future ready printer that delivers crisp and clear content with a resolution of 600×600 dots per inch. The HP Printer prints with the lightning speed of up to 20 ppm. It can print wirelessly via a smartphone or a tablet and supports formats like jpg, pdf, jpeg, png and txt. Connectivity options on the machine include USB 2.0, Ethernet and WiFi. The printer has a duty cycle of upto 8000 pages with the genuine cartridge printing upto 2000pages. The toner will cost you about Rs.650 with the per page cost coming about Rs.2-3.

On the other hand, the monochrome printer HP LaserJet M1005 also lets you print and scan sharp documents without breaking a sweat. The printer’s laser technology delivers best grayscale prints and actually deliver good pictures without pixelated contents. There is no Ethernet or wireless connectivity feature available on the printer and can be operated with the USB 2.0 only. It prints at a speed of 14ppm with a single toner printing upto 3000 pages yield. Toner is available at roughly the same price and the machine is marginally economical compared to the former one.

For regular office use, the HP LaserJet Pro M126nw is a better choice over the LaserJet M1005 due to its fast printing speeds, multiple connectivity features and modern build. On the other hand, the HP LaserJet M1005 is good for those that only require the basic printing features in a printing and high economy.

Buy Here- HP LaserJet Pro M126nw on Amazon at Rs.13,499

Buy Here- HP LaserJet M1005 on Amazon at Rs.14,999

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