Comparison: Ricoh SP 111 VS Ricoh SP 210

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ricoh sp 111 vs ricoh sp 210

Looking for a budget monochrome printer for your home? Well here are the two hot selling products from Ricoh that you can look for before finalising for any other choice. The Ricoh SP 111 VS Ricoh SP 210 comparison highlights the top features of both the printers along with giving you the details of why one printer is a better choice over the other at roughly the same price tag. We understand that compatibility, speed and economy are three top features that any consumer looks for in a budget printer category, hence we’ve selected the best budget printers for you today. Both the printers offer compact and reliable form factor with swift monochrome printing option in high-quality. So before jumping to performance, let’s start with the design of both Ricoh SP 111 and Ricoh SP 210.

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Ricoh SP 111 VS Ricoh SP 210: Design

The budget printers usually come in a plain looking form factor. Due to their narrow price budget and utility, the machines only deliver high productivity with easy maintenance. Both the Ricoh SP 111 VS Ricoh SP 210 come in a compact construction to fit in narrow office spaces.

Ricoh SP 111

Starting with the Ricoh SP 111, it measures 36.9 x 40.2 x 11.9 cm in dimensions and weighs at a hefty 10kilograms. The printer is build out of a stylish sleek design and comes in black & white color variant. It’s a multifunction printer, hence can get your printing, copying and scanning done without breaking a sweat. A flatbed type scanner is located on the top of the printer, and the bottom front incorporates the page output unit. Just like other MFPs, the input page unit is located at the top rear adjoining the two keys positioned at the front. The Ricoh SP 111 printer has one toner tank that can easily be removed as well as filled with the ease at home. As per design, the Ricoh SP 111 is a good option for home as well as office user.

Ricoh SP 210

The Ricoh SP 210 printer on the other hand in our Ricoh SP 111 VS Ricoh SP 210 comparison is a professional looking machine. Originally priced at roughly Rs.8500, the printer is available at a much cheaper price tag in India. It measures 36 x 40.2 x 16.5 cm, which is roughly the same as the Ricoh SP 111 and is also lighter at only 7kilograms. It’s a super-fast printing machine that offers high productivity and have its printer output unit at the top. Now remember, there’s no copy or scanning feature available on the machine. The two controls are placed on the top of the machine along with three LED indicators. Printer toner is easy to remove and can be refilled at home or office.

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Ricoh SP 111 VS Ricoh SP 210: Features and Efficiency

In our Ricoh SP 111 VS Ricoh SP 210 comparison, both the printers offers multiple printing features. The Ricoh SP 111 is a Jam Free Laser printer and can perform print, scan a copy functions. The printer offers 1200×600 dpi printing resolution and has a duty cycle of 10,000 prints monthly. It can print at a speed of 16ppm without any lags with upto 2000pages per toner. The toner is available online and can be purchased from Flipkart at Rs.650.

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In comparison to Ricoh SP 111, the Ricoh SP 210 is not a multifunction machine and only offers printing function. The printer can print at a rapid speed of upto 22PPM with 1200 X 600dpi resolution. It uses the same cartridge which is available online. The printer also offers a similar yield of upto 2000pages.

To sum-up all, we suggest that in our Ricoh SP 111 VS Ricoh SP 210 comparison, the Ricoh SP 111 is a better machine in comparison to the SP 210 due to its compact form factor and multifunction features. The machine is also cheaper and looks better in terms of design. The printer is good for home as well as small offices.

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