Comparison: Sony Alpha A6000L VS Fujifilm X-A10

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Sony Alpha A6000L VS Fujifilm X-A10

A Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens camera or a mirrorless camera is a digital camera that has a lens mount like a conventional single-lens reflex camera, however uses a digital display system rather than an optical mirror and optical viewfinder. According to some, Mirrorless cameras are the future due to their compact form factors and exceptional picture quality, while others still claim that these tiny gizmos can’t shatter a DSLR photography experience. However, we do believe that the cameras will get compact in the future, taking a note of which we have prepared our latest Sony Alpha A6000L VS Fujifilm X-A10 comparison for an in-depth look at the two of the best mid-priced mirrorless cameras.

Sony Alpha A6000L VS Fujifilm X-A10: Design

Fujifilm X-A10

Starting with looks, both the Sony Alpha A6000L VS Fujifilm X-A10 come in a compact form factor with the rear side occupying most of the display section adjacent to the camera controls. While the front side of the camera offering a similar grip on the right and the lens mounting area at the centre. The Fujifilm X-A10 is available in a combination of silver and black color option while the Sony Alpha A6000L has a black colored construction.

Sony Alpha A6000L camera

The Sony Alpha A6000L features a viewfinder along with the built-in flash. Whereas Fujifilm X-A10 only packs a flash and no viewfinder. We know that hardly any mirrorless camera offers a touchscreen feature at this price bracket, hence we don’t consider it to be a benchmark. Both the Sony Alpha A6000L VS Fujifilm X-A10 only equip a 3-inch LCD screen that smoothly tilts for a better videography and selfie photography experience.

Sony Alpha A6000L digital camera

We know the mirrorless cameras also offer more or less the same features as a DSLR along with the number of controls. Both the Sony Alpha A6000L VS Fujifilm X-A10 along carry the same. And if you’re a user that habitually works with controls, the Sony Alpha A6000L could be a better choice due to the additional well located controls on the camera body.

Fujifilm X-A10 digital camera

All the connection ports are positioned on either sides of both the cameras while the bottom featuring the battery compartment.

Sony Alpha A6000L VS Fujifilm X-A10: Features and Picture Quality

As far as key camera features are concerned, both the Sony Alpha A6000L VS Fujifilm X-A10 pack the best in class camera features. Starting with Sony Alpha A6000L, the camera has a 24.3-megapixel Exmor TM APS HD CMOS sensor with a BIONZ X image processing engine. The camera uses a 4D Focus system with Fast Hybrid AF and 179 AF points and can capture photographs as fast as 11frames per second in burst mode. It has a high ISO range of upto 100-51200 with 10 times optical zoom and Full HD video recording at 50p.

Fujifilm X-A10 in contrast to Sony features a smaller pixel count of 16.3-megapixel APS-C sensor. The sensor size on both the cameras is same measuring 23.6 x 15.6 mm that delivers 49 focus points while capturing photos. Burst shooting on the camera is only 6fps, which is disappointing. ISO range on the Fujifilm X-A10 also has a lower ISO range of 100-25600 and can only record Full HD videos at 30p.

Which one should you buy?

Well, there’s no denying that both the Sony Alpha A6000L VS Fujifilm X-A10 are good mirrorless cameras at their respective prices. However, if you’re ready to spend a few bucks extra, the Sony Alpha A6000L is the best choice amongst the two due to the higher pixel count and a better focussing engine along with advanced video recording features.

Buy Here: Sony Alpha A6000L at roughly Rs.43,490 on Amazon

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