This 3D video shows how the upcoming Apple iPhone 8 May look Like

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Rumours, rumours and rumours. The Apple iPhone 8 is going to be one of the most rumoured smartphone till date. With many of them suggesting a similar form factor featuring a vertical dual camera setup at the back and a design without side display bezels, it looks not so iPhone-ish in an initial look. Moreover, most of the videos and leaked photos are coming up with a glass back, just like the one we saw in the earlier iPhone variants. So, is it going to be the next iPhone? The Apple iPhone 8 ? Or Apple will stick with a metal back panel. All that will only become clear as crystal next month when the smartphone will be launched. For now let’s just take a 3D model of the upcoming Apple iPhone 8 from MacRumors.

Credit: MacRumors

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Bikram Singh Negi

Bikram Singh Negi

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