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LG is all set to present its new line up of speakers with new and improved features and power-packed performance. This new range which falls under LG’s CAV category, has three new speakers as the highlights. The speakers include the SJ5 Sound Bar System, the FJ5 or X Boom ‘Party Maker’ and the OJ98 or X Boom ‘Typhoon.’

Commenting on this occasion, Younchul Park, Director- Home Electronics, LG Electronics India said, With the introduction of this new lineup, we are offering a well-rounded entertainment solution to our consumers. The range will serve as a total enjoyment hub, providing both powerful sound and wireless connectivity. Users will get to experience a new way of listening to music and setting the mood right for their parties. With the diversity in features and prices, we have tried to cater to the needs of all our consumers. Now every party will be a musical delight with LG speakers as the highlight.”

SJ5 Sound Bar System

The SJ5 Sound Bar System has a 320 Watts sound output and can be clubbed with Television to provide a powerful surround-sound experience to the users. It has got 4K Sound (High-Resolution Audio) like WAV, FLAC and ALAC Sound formats Playback and comes with an Adaptive Sound Control (ASC) which analyses the content in real time and automatically adjusts to allow clear sounds and auto raises the sub for more impact. The Sound bar comes with its own remote but can also be operated using the TV remote.

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Next in line is the LG X Boom ‘Party Maker’ boasts of a 15-inch Woofer that comes equipped with handle and recessed wheels that makes it one of the most portable speakers. The speaker can be connected to a Music Flow App that allows you to check and select USB content from your smart Phone. It has a Multi-Jukebox feature to customize a playlist from upto 3 Bluetooth devices at the same time. Multiple users can play their song lists using this feature and cater to everyone’s music preferences, increasing the entertainment 3-folds. The X Boom Party Maker also has a Karaoke feature vocal Fader that reduces the vocals from any music so that one can sing their own version of the song. The Voice Effect allows for changing 18 voice effects while one sings.

LG X Boom Party Maker

The most premium offering from this lineup is the LG X Boom ‘Typhoon’ – the ultimate party speaker. The speaker comes with a Dual Subwoofer allowing 1800Watts RMS of booming beats and a Blast Horn to enhance the re-booming effects. The speaker can stream music from the phone, Karaoke App or YouTube. Its Music Flow App allows you to check and select USB content from your smart Phone. One can also opt for the Karaoke USB Recording to record a track in their own voice. The Vocal Effects feature helps in playing around with various voices to double the fun at every party. The speaker can be connected with 3 Bluetooth devices at the same time, to create, manage and add to the playlists called the Multi-Jukebox feature. The Party Thruster feature of the X Boom Typhoon enables the music player to go upto full throttle, by pushing it forward to build up the sound. The speaker also has wild lighting and booming bass effects, DJ Effects and DJ LOOP effects.

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