Microsoft Edge Goes Live for All iOS and Android Users

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Microsoft Edge for iOS and Android has finally starting to roll out of private beta and is available for public. Users on iOS and Android devices can now go to their respective stores and should be able to download the application freely.

We know there are tons of browsers already available on either platforms, not even considering the excellent options that come by default. Still, for all those who have used Microsoft Edge know that the browser synchronises passwords, logins and open tabs, and can now sync your smartphone in a similar manner. Once the data is successfully synchronised, a user can then use the browser the way they were doing it on their Windows PC.

The browsing goes vice versa, and in case you wish to continue your mobile browsing to your PC, you can do the same as well.

Microsoft has also integrated its “Continue on PC” functionality into the Edge for iOS and Android, so you can ping a site over to your PC if it’s just not loading properly on mobile or you want to continue with a mouse and keyboard. Edge also includes access to favourites, reading lists and eBooks.

Sadly, Microsoft hasn’t added tab syncing to Edge or mobile, so you can’t share tabs or history between PC and phone. The tech giant is also planning to support tab syncing and iPad availability at some point in the future, however both features won’t arrive until next year.

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