Vu Televisions Launches the World’s Brightest Quantum Pixelight LED TV as it Celebrates $100mn in Revenue (YTD)

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After the grand success of its previous Pixelight and PremiumSmart series Televisions, Vu, the California-based luxury television company, today announced the launch of its most luxurious and brightest TV yet, the Vu Quantum Pixelight LED TV. Powered by 1500 nits, the Vu Quantum Pixelight LED TV revolutionalises the TV viewing experience displaying vibrant wide colour gamut picture quality using quantum pixels. The Vu Quantum Pixelight LED TV is a visual treat for its viewers as it showcases a healthier picture that’s vivid and natural, without any visual stress to the eyes.

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The Vu Quantum Pixelight LED TV promises to transport viewers to another world with its next generation aestheticism, brilliance and functionality. Available in 65 inches at INR 2.6 lakhs and 75 inches at INR 4 lakhs, the Vu Quantum Pixelight LED TV boasts of a picture quality that encompasses the “4 Ultras”- Ultra HD, Ultra Color, Ultra Contrast with Local dimming and Ultra Motion. Matched with its rich surround Dolby audio effect through 55000 sound holes and impeccable industrial metal design, the Vu Quantum Pixelight LED TV offers an unparalleled cinematic experience for its viewers.

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Commenting on the launch, Devita Saraf, Founder & CEO, Vu said, “We’re very proud to announce that as we launch our smartest TV yet, Vu has touched $100mn dollars in revenue YTD (April’17-Jan’18), a sign of appreciation by our customers that inspires us to keep innovating and creating bigger and better products. The Vu Quantum Pixelight LED TV that we have just launched has been designed for the luxury customer of today, who doesn’t settle for anything less than the best. It promises the most luxurious viewing experience with its vibrant picture quality, outstanding sound and beautiful design.

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Key Features:

  • Pure Metal Industrial Design
  • Quantum Pixelight Optical Layer
  • 1000+ nits peaking brightness
  • 55000 sound holes to ensure sound is rich & clear
  • Premium Smart, a smart TV operation for VU customers
  • 4K Streaming
  • One-Touch Access to Netflix from the remote
  • HDR
  • Quantum Pixelight LED Focus On Color And Contrast
  • Ultra Contrast with Local Dimming
  • Ultra HD

The VU Quantum Pixelight LED TV 65″ is available for 2.6 Lakhs and the 75″ is available for 4 Lakhs in India.

The Vu Quantum Pixelight LED TV was showcased for the first time last evening at the TEDx Pre event Dinner as it has the TED app available on its PremiumSmart operating system for VOD viewers.

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