“YouTube Go” App Designed for Slow Internet Speeds and No Data is now Available in India

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YouTube Go

Google announced the beta version of the YouTube back in April named YouTube Go in India. Befitting the name, YouTube Go is a video-centric application which is very much like the YouTube application, however it even works when you don’t have the access to internet data or the data speeds are very low. The application has been announced for developing countries, or for people who have limited access to the internet. The YouTube Go is a toned down version of the YouTube application and allows you to watch a video, download or share even with slow or no internet connection.

Till now only the YouTube Go beta version was available in the country. However, today the company has announced its availability in India with availability to all.

If you’re an Android user, you can go to the Google Play Store and download the application directly. Although the application is still in rolling phases, some of you may find the application to mention that “This is an unreleased app. It may be unstable”. However, even though it shows the app is in construction you can still download it—but as already mentioned—it may be unstable.

We also haven’t received any updates if the application will be available for Apple iPhone users or not. However, we couldn’t find it on our iPhone.

Apart from India, The YouTube Go application can also be downloaded in Algeria, Egypt, Ghana, Indonesia, Kenya, Jordan and a handful of other countries.

As far as features are concerned, The YouTube Go application will allow you to download videos on your Android device. You can also share the downloaded videos offline with friends nearby via a connection of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Direct. During the testing phase the application only had 144p and 360p resolutions, however now it also supports 480p in addition to the two.

We’re expecting the application to roll out to other countries soon, however in case you don’t find the option on Playstore, just head to APK mirror and download the app from there.

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