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1More iBFree Bluetooth Review- Perfect for Workout and Travelling


Rs. 3499


    • Secure Fit
    • Premium Build
    • Intense, Boosted Bass
    • Good Design for Exercise
    • Great Battery Life
    • Decent Call Performance


    • Shrill at loud output
    • Low Bluetooth Range

1More iBFree Bluetooth Earphones come in an ergonomic sport design with Bluetooth 4.1 and aptX technology. The earphones have a water-resistant build and feature a calling microphone on its in-line control.
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We’ve recently tested out some great earphones from 1More including the 1More single driver and Piston Classic. The earphones not only surprised us with their sturdy build, but also left us mesmerised with their punchy audio output in their respective budgets. Recently, the company also marked its arrival into wireless earphones segment with the launch of 1More iBFree that it announced back in October. And as soon as the product was launched, we received one red unit for our testing purposes. Now, before starting with audio performance let’s talk about the design and features of the product.

1More iBFree- Features and Design

The 1More iBFree(review) headphones is a pair of In-Ear earphones that feature a Lightweight Ergonomic Sport Design with oblique angled ear fittings to naturally match ear canals. The earphones are made up of aluminium alloy that ensures durability and lasting colors. They feature Bluetooth 4.1 with aptX coding for clear audios and an extended Bluetooth range of 30ft without signal loss. The headphones pack titanium drivers and can offer a music playback time of upto 8hrs. The earphone’s IPX4 water resistant build protects them from rain, splash and sweat.

1More iBFree Bluetooth earphone

In terms of design, the 1More iBFree(review) feature a neckband-style build with a remote in between. The earphones are available in red, gray, green and blue color options, and all of them have the same black colored remote and ear-tips finish. The IPX4 water-resistant construction helps the earphones to fit securely inside the ears and stay put during the rigorous workout sessions.

1More iBFree Bluetooth earphone

The 1More iBFree have a workout-friendly build that utilizes an eartip and fins combo with the tips sealing off the canal. The fins, which are separate of the metal rest against the ear for further stabilization. Both the ear-tips and fins are removable, and the earphones ship with extra pairs of ear-tips in small, medium and large sizes. The cable is also provided with a cinch which should be used to adjust the amount of slack on the cord.

1More iBFree earphone review

On the other hand, the in-line remote sits snug and packs a microphone inside it for calling. The remote is located closest to the right earpiece and house a snap-shut cover that protects the micro USB port for charging. The charging cable is also provided inside the box.

1More iBFree earphone review

The in-line control has three-button variety just like we see on regular earphones. You can adjust the volume levels along with the long-press feature to navigate songs. It’s a unique add-on and works in an expected manner most of the times. A single tap will increase or decrease the volume, while a long press shall navigate the song for you.

1More iBFree- Audio Performance

We tested the 1More iBFree for more than a week and during our testing period we were more than satisfied with the earphones performance. On songs with intense sub-bass content like AronChupa’s “I’m an Albatross”, the 1More iBFree delivered solid bass response at top volumes and never distort at max audio.

In the testing time, the 1More iBFree wireless earbuds(review) provided brilliant overall sound delivery. The audio output is clear regardless of the genre you play and the sound is clear & punchy.

The 1More iBFree earphones deliver thunderous bass levels and the audios may feel boosted sometimes. The drum sound plays perfectly while the kick-drum audios have more than high-mid presence to keep its sharp edge. There’s plenty of high frequency with boosted levels that are pushed to the forefront.

What’s more impressive about the 1More iBFree is that the earphones fit in the ears perfectly and effectively block outside noise. Although the earphone fell out of my ears a couple of times, as soon as I changed the ear tips, the fitting never disappointed another time. Plus, the three extra earcup sizes provided with the earphones are handy at times.

The 1More iBFree weigh about 23grams, and the weight can easily be sensed on the earbuds. Well we understand that the metal casing delivers punchy audio output and also provide a durable build, However, this also increases the weight of the product a little.

The drawbacks that we came across with the earphones is that as soon we go beyond the 90% volume levels, the audios get shrill. The treble sounds like piercing through the ears, which may disappoint to some users. And in case, you’re someone who don’t like carrying their smartphones inside the pocket during workout sessions, the 1More iBFree will dishearten you with their terrible Bluetooth range that often get distracted with hindrances like walls and metal doors.

1More iBFree- Battery Performance

Battery life depends on a couple of factors including the volume levels and battery capacity. 1More claims that the iBFree could deliver 8hours of music playback, 10hours of talk time and 240hours of standby time. And in our testing period the earphones excelled at all times. At nearly 80% volume, the battery lasted for more than 7hours with no audio disruptions throughout the playback. When the battery charge goes low, the earphones also notify saying “Battery Low”.

Final Verdict

Durability, comfort, sound quality and battery life are the significant factors that one cares about the most while looking for a perfect pair of wireless earphones, and the 1More iBFree outperforms in all these subdivisions. An excellent battery life, durable build and punchy audio output describe the earphones in a few words.

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