Epson L380 Printer Review- Good for Small Offices with Minimal Connectivity Requirements


Rs. 12,200


    • Compact form fact
    • Trouble-free controls
    • Cost efficient with high yield
    • Swift printing speed
    • Good Scanner Unit


    • Lacks on modern connectivity features
    • No LCD display

Epson L380 Multi-function printer is an all-rounder when it comes to printing, scanning and copying, however lacks on the availability of display and multiple connection options considering its price.
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The Epson L380 all-in-one printer is a High yielding multi-function printer launched in April, 2017. Apart from the L380, Epson also launched three other printer models in India namely L361, L385 and L485 in the same segment. Epson unveiled the printers by calling them as the ink tanks offering high yield and saving bucks for the user in regular use. All the printers are good for small office and home use with additional ink bottles packed inside the box to deliver more than usual number of printouts.

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 We got a chance to get our hands on, on the Epson L380. Although the testing period was as low as a week, we somehow managed to get all the testing done to understand whether the printer proves its metal in real life or not, and who is it actually made for.


Epson L380 All-in-One printer

Well, to keep it straightforward, the Epson L380 looks like any other compact ink tanker. Its small, it’s lightweight and the ink-tank is set aside of the printer unit to keep the ink-filling handy. While the idea of keeping ink tank separate of the printing unit makes refilling super simple. The size of the printer stretches in some ways to a single side, and you may need to take additional care of the unit. The printer weighs nearly 4.5Kgs and doesn’t feel heavy even while we were unboxing it.

Epson L380 color ink tank

Buttons on the printer include a power button along with two copying (color + monochrome) controls and stop button placed adjacent to it. Apart from that, there’s nothing else on front. No screen to display if the printer is running any command or not. And of course due to the lack of WiFi, there’s no button for WiFi as well.

Epson L380 On-demand ink jet

All the keys are appropriately responsive and the ink tank is also fit very snug. You can take out the ink tank vertically, in-case you need to refill it. And last but not the least, there’s an easily accessible USB port placed on the rear left side of the printer.

Unboxing and Printing Experience

The Epson L380 was neatly packed inside a green color box. There were no additional bottles packed inside it as it was a review unit, so we didn’t have the chance of getting the ink refilling experience. The tanks on the other hand were nearly 70-percent full and even after numerous days of printing and testing, it had nearly 66—67percent ink left inside it, which was pretty impressive.

Epson L380 flatbed type scanner

Inside the box there was one USB cable, one power cable and a driver CD packed with some documentation. As soon as we unboxed the printer, we took it out and placed it on top of the box. Everything was handy and the software installed soon enough.

Talking about the printing experience. Well, the Epson L380 houses ‘Epson’s on-demand technology’ that offers minimum ink droplet volume of 3pl. The technology is good, swift as it can print as high as 10ipm in monochrome and 5ipm in color prints and looks promising in an instant user experience as well. The scanner on the other hand can scan a monochrome document in up to 11seconds, while the color document can be scanned in up to 28seconds.

flatbed type scanner on the Epson L380

We recommend cleaning the nozzle headers once you install the software successfully. The process in easy and can be done by accessing the maintenance section in printer settings available whenever you give a print command. A nozzle is a printer unit that spits colors on the sheet of paper. The nozzle may malfunction due to not cleaning the nozzle head. You might encounter issues like delivering inaccurate colors and intermixing inaccurate colors due to non-cleaning of nozzles. It may take nearly 1minute on the Epson L380.

Epson L380 printer

Overall printing was good in both monochrome and color prints. Printed text was precise and the colors were also printed accurately. Printing speed impressed us equally spitting nearly 8-9 pages per minute.

Who is it made for?

If you’re considering of buying the Epson L380 for home, we’ll recommend you to understand your need before making the final call. It all depends on the number of pages your print in a month. Even with all the printing advantages related to cost efficiency, the Epson L380 is a good choice for a user who wants the printer for small offices. You can print nearly 5000-6000 pages, which a home user may never require in short term. Only if your printing requirement is up to 5000 pages in just about 7-8 months, Epson L380 would become a good choice.

Who is it not made for?

If you’re a user who require precise color printing, choosing the Epson L380 may not be the best idea. You can use color printing for copying documents, school projects, college projects and some formal tasks. Then there’s no screen, in case you wish to explore some additional features like resizing and cropping during copying or even looking for any error messages. Also, the availability of a solo USB port may disappoint you in-case there’re loads of people accessing the printer inside the office.

Final Verdict

The Epson L380 printer is a good printer if you need it for small offices. The printer is shipped with additional two black ink bottles which will reduce your printing cost to a greater extent and you may even not require any additional ink bottles in a year. The printing will cost as low as 7-paise for black and 18-paise for color which not only theoretically looks impressive, it’s also lower than what most of the other printers are not offering at a similar price tag. Even after all its pros, the non-availability of a display panel and limited connectivity option may act as a deal-breaker.

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