LG Q6 Review- The Smartphone that could modify your choices


Rs. 12,990


    • Offers great user experience
    • Well built
    • The display is best in its category
    • Dedicated memory card slot
    • Fantastic call quality
    • Rear camera performance is better than its competitors


    • Average on specs
    • Packs no fingerprint sensor
    • Plastic rear panel receives scratches instantly

The LG Q6 comes with a bezel-less display that wasn’t the norm till date. In an affordable price range the smartphone packs a lively wide display and a strong camera with decent set of on-board specifications.


After the launch of V20 and G6 with FullVision display, LG has announced the Q6 in India, a wide-screen smartphone that packs premium looks on the front and back along with a decent pack of features. While on one hand the G6 and V20 were both priced in premium price category, the Q6 on the other hand is priced at sub Rs. 15,000 price tag, giving it a forte over its competitors. Well, even though the LG V20 and G6 were fantastic smartphones and we tested them as well, both the smartphones didn’t do well in terms of sales figures compared to the similarly priced devices from the company’s competitors. And today we have the LG Q6 reviewed for you.

Full Specifications of the LG Q6


The LG Q6 is a mid-range smartphone that looks unique. While mostly all the competitors are focussing on selfie camera and processing capabilities, LG took a different note altogether. The company packed its well-liked full-vision display on the Q6 that made it look like the flagship G6. The full-vision display looks amazing on a budget segment smartphone; it gives the smartphone an edge over its competitors.

LG Q6 smartphone

The display also intensifies the movie viewing and entertainment capabilities of the smartphone.

The display is fantastic, however, as soon as you start enjoying the vibrant colors on the display, you are met with a plastic-icky back panel that takes away all the charm. The back panel is made up of shiny plastic that instantaneously receives scratches.

“In a testing period of nearly 1week, the rear panel of the Q6 looked like being tramped over by a vehicle once or twice”


The reason why all the smartphone manufacturers shifted from plastic form factor was because of the cheap build and unnecessary scratches that ultimately deteriorate the overall user experience. Which LG also implemented on its premium segment smartphones, however reiterated the mistake on the Q6. In any case you’ll be needing a case for keeping the smartphone secure.

Moving on to other sections. The LG Q6 packs three physical keys—one is for power unlock/lock feature while the other one is the volume rocker. The power key is located on the right side while the volume rocker is on the left side of the smartphone.

The speaker grill is sited at the bottom rear corner of the smartphone adjacent to the Q6 branding. The speaker output is loud and clear, and produces quality audio.

LG Q6 sleek bezels

On the front, there’s a massive 5.7-inch QHD display that looks like packed inside a tiny smartphone body. The sleek bezels give a first-class look to the LG Q6.

On the top of the smartphone, there is a calling speaker placed on the top along with some sensors placed next to it and a wide angle camera.

There are no capacitive touch buttons hence the smartphone comes with on-screen buttons.

The rear panel of the Q6 is non- removable and you can install the SIM- card and memory card slot separately through the tray located on the left side of the smartphone.

User Experience is the coolest feature of the LG Q6

I understand that a great set of features is the need of the hour today. And unless and until the devices comes with the utmost modernized features at an affordable price tag, the consumers are never going to waste their energy going after their product. And that is the reason why Xiaomi, Vivo and other Chinese manufacturers has taken a leap ahead of all the other manufacturers in India, including the renowned ones.

However, the LG Q6 on the other hand again follows a different approach. At a price tag of Rs. 14,999, the Q6 only offers the features that a Rs. 10,000 smartphone may offer. But the Q6 on the other hand delivers an unmatchable user experience. I’ve used the Redmi 4 Note during the testing phase of G6 and was pretty impressed with all that the Note 4 packs. But then when I used the Q6, it felt like using the flagship G6 at a much inexpensive price tag. LG has packed a light skin on top of the Android OS that feels swift under most circumstances.

The Q6 runs well in regular use, it hardly ever delayed in any task.

While surfing the internet, the display offered much more information than any other budget category smartphone. Social media apps including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram worked without breaking a sweat on the G6.

Also, it’s a completely different user experience using the FullVision display. So, I would recommend if you ever get a chance to visit the LG store, do check the Q6 before making the final decision.

The user interface is way improved this time, however may lag the smartphone just about a couple of times.

Camera Quality

Apart from display, camera is the other big highlight of the smartphone. There’s no dual camera sensor and the smartphone comes with a single camera at the back and the front.

If you’re looking for a smartphone to record good videos and capture good photographs both in daylight and low-light conditions, LG Q6 could be your pick.

The Q6 offers crisp and well saturated picture quality and the images look vibrant under most lighting conditions.

Not only that, because the camera houses optical image stabilization, the video captured in LG Q6 turn out buttery and lively.

LG Q6 camera sample

LG Q6 camera sample

LG Q6 camera sample

LG Q6 camera sample

Full Zoom Image

LG Q6 camera sample

LG Q6 camera sample

LG Q6 camera sample

Battery Life

The LG Q6 packs a 3000mAh battery that just feels right considering the todays trend. Although, some are even offering much higher battery capacity than what LG is offering, ultimately it’s all about the battery life that matters.

During our most of the testing period the LG Q6 performed well and delivered a day of battery life. I hardly play games and that could be one reason that in some days the Q6 provided more than a day of battery life. Most of the time the smartphone was used for the purpose of social media, calling, texting, watching movies and listening music.

Final Verdict

At a budget price tag, the LG Q6 comes packed with a charming Full-vision display that no other phone in the category offers. The display is crisp and is also the USP of the product. Apart from that, the Q6 also comes packed with a great camera and the overall processing capabilities of the smartphone are also great. However, the lack of fingerprint sensor and mediocre specs could turn unfavourably for the smartphone.

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LG Q6 Review- The Smartphone that could modify your choices mobile phone comes with a 5.5 screen.


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