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Nokia Lumia 925 Review


Rs. 31499


    • Elegant and strong built
    • AMOLED Display
    • Lighter


    • No expandable storage option
    • Unconventional SIM slot

Nokia Lumia 925 is majorly Lumia 920, plus good looks; besides some other small enhancements. But the price difference is quite substantial.
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Nokia Lumia 925 buttonsHigh on performance and looks, the Nokia Lumia 920 took home many accolades. It is priced aptly for the mid-range buyers; and offered nearly the highest value for money among the Lumia series priced above 20k.

If similar is the case with 925, we will find out shortly. But first, I must tell you that only its screen and body has got serious upgrades. Nokia is launching enhanced models of all smartphones in its Lumia lineup. Let’s find out how well are the consequences of replacing the number 0 with a 5.

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Design and Built

Nokia has upped the chick quotient of Lumia with 925. It screams elegance in every inch. Still no compromises are made on strength. Rather it feels much stronger in its light frame.

The 134g self of Lumia 925 is lined with solid metal on the sides. Corners are hard bent and pointy. The metallic part more like forms an extended part of the super sensitive touch screen topped with Gorilla Glass 2.

Nokia Lumia 925 metallicThe back of Lumia 925 is made of non-removable, plastic material. Camera is placed a little below the top and dual LED flash rests above it. A speaker grille is placed at the bottom below the wireless charging points.

Nokia Lumia 925 conectionsFollowing the common Lumia design, the volume rocker is placed on the right side along with power/lock and camera button below it, one after the other. Long pressing this camera button starts camera application when the phone is locked. Other ports-microUSB, 3.5mm audio jack and SIM tray are placed at the head. Taking out the SIM tray is one tough task. It needs a very pointed thing to be put in the hole on the outer of the tray and pull it out. Nokia provides the tools- a pin with the phone and calls it the SIM Door Key! Gives the apt idea of how difficult it would be to open the tray without it if the SIM need to be rescued.


Lumia 925 has mostly similar innards as the Lumia 920.  To be precise, only the storage has changed, or rather descaled to 16GB of internal from 32GB and in lieu, no external storage option is provided. Other things like 1.5 GHz Dual Core Snapdragon S4 processor form Qualcomm and 1GB of RAM are the same.

The power is ample for all the apps and games that run on Windows Phone 8. Moreover the UI runs smooth and the HD video playback is also handled easily by it. Benchmarks place it amongst the best performing windows phones in every department (red is for Lumia 925)

Nokia Lumia 925 benchmarks


Nokia has experimented with the camera a lot, most probably the most amongst smartphone makers. It has three camera applications namely the Nokia Smart Cam, Camera 360 and the default camera application. Below is the sample image taken using the default camera app.

Nokia-Lumia-925 camera sampleThe 8.7MP CMOS Sensor is fitted with OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) Carl Zeiss Tessar lens which supports HD capture and HD, Full HD Recording. Called PureView, the sensor manages excellent pictures during daylight. Though low light images are captured with sufficient light, a fair amount of noise accompanies it in a big frame. Below is a low light image, taken without flash.

Nokia Lumia 925 camera photo sampleThe dual LED flash helps in low light and the noise can then be brought down.

Camera 360 has built in frames like, scratch, pinhole, 120 film, Polaroid and movie. And if you didn’t know already, Nokia Smart Cam can be used to put in a variety of special effects and even removing things out of the photograph (the moving ones that go out of the frame).

Nokia Lumia 925 camera 360                                                                             UI of camera 360


Nokia Lumia 925 DisplayAs I said earlier, the display of Lumia 925 is a serious update from the former Lumia. The 4.5 inches screen has nearly the same ppi; identical resolution of 1280 x 768 Pixels and other features & functions (the screensaver shows the when it senses the phone has been picked up).

But major change is in the display panel technology. Nokia Lumia 925 is fitted with an AMOLED screen.

Lumia 920 carries an IPS display, which is sharper than LCD and specializes in wide angle viewing. An AMOLED panel, on the other hand is lighter and more power efficient (as it doesn’t require a backlight like IPS). This explains 925’s lightness and better power efficiency. Not only that, it also somewhat explains its price increase. Due to its fabrication complexity, AMOLED screens are costlier.

Though they have better contrast, AMOLED screens are less bright and sharp. But surprisingly, the daylight visibility of Lumia 925 as its brightness is quite good enough.

Final Verdict

Lumia 925 tries to do everything to justify hike in the price compared to that of its predecessor-Lumia 920; which is quite difficult when the difference is more than 10k. When we compare Lumia 920 to similar priced devices, it was and still is, a tough contestant. Same is the case with 925; competing only with Sony Xperia Z1 in the design department.

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