Portronics Breeze Review: Bang for your buck


Rs. 2399


    • Loud audio output
    • Punchy bass
    • Ample connectivity options
    • Great battery life
    • Water Resistant
    • Easy to carry around inside the backpack


    • May get shrill at max output

With tons of Bluetooth speakers around in sub 2500 price category, Portronics Breeze breaks all the slabs by offering tons of connectivity options and a punchy sound output to amplify your music experience in a substantial way.
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Portronics has been actively working on technological products and is announcing some fantastic innovations lately. The home grown company has launched portable projectors, VR headset and even a smartwatch. And has recently announced the latest Portronics Breeze Bluetooth Speaker in India, yet again arriving at a budget price tag similar to its other offerings.

The Portronics Breeze was launched last month and comes in a cylindrical shaped design. The speaker packs a re-chargeable battery with Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity, Stereo Speakers with TWS Technology and FM tuner.

The Portronics Breeze comes in jet black colour with a stylish Kevlar mesh on top and a cylindrical design. It weighs roughly 420 grams and is IPx6 water resistant allowing you to enjoy music even when the water spills over the device.

The Bluetooth speaker boasts two 4W 45mm inbuilt speakers with powerful amplifiers and packs a 2200mAh lithium Ion battery that the company claims could offer a music playback of more than 5-6 hours on a single charge. Further the battery can be recharged in under 2 hours.

Portronics Breeze also gives you the possibility to use TWS feature that enables you to easily connect two Breeze speakers via Bluetooth 4.1 and form a wireless stereo left and right channels to get a stereo effect.

The users can also enjoy FM radio programs using its FM tuner with in-built antenna.

On the connectivity front, the Portronics Breeze includes a 3.5 mm Aux port, a micro USB port that can be operated via an OTG cable and a micro-SD card slot.

The Portronics BREEZE also provides you with hands-free calling feature with its built-in microphone and speakerphone facility so you can take/reject/end calls routed to your smartphone.


Like most of the other cylindrical shaped Bluetooth speakers, the Portronics Breeze is also crafted in a similar manner. The device has a mesh covering the tweeters built inside. While the bass amplifiers are packed on either sides of the speaker. All the controls and connectivity inputs are located on the center strip that also packs the four LED light indicators for battery life.

portronics breeze

Controls for Power On/Off, Bluetooth Connectivity, Play & Pause, Volume Up, Volume Down and TWS connectivity options are located on the front side of the speaker. Further, the micro SD card slot, micro USB port and AUX inputs are also located at the similar location.

portronics breeze

The bass speakers are located on speakers’ either sides with a Portronics branding embossed on them. The water resistant construction is good and the speaker is also pretty lightweight in comparison to its other competitors.

portronics breeze 4

In regular use, the Portronics Breeze Bluetooth speaker never disappointed us in terms of design. The buttons are located with proper distance in between them and the controls respond in a proper manner during daily use.

portronics breeze

The Portronics Breeze Bluetooth speaker can be carried around while travelling and is also good for home or office use. One can carry the speaker inside their backpack and the device may never trouble them in terms of construction. However, one thing which is worth mentioning is that even though the construction of the speaker is rugged, a metal covering on top of bass speakers would’ve provided additional protection to them from dirt and dust.


Until I used the Portronics Breeze Bluetooth speaker, I had a notion that only those Bluetooth speakers which are priced over Rs.5000 could deliver a thunderous and thumpy sound output. Out of which most are from the front-runners like JBL, Sony and Logitech. Also, a rugged build quality shall come accessible after leaping over the mid-range price tag. Further, the number of connectivity options on budget Bluetooth speakers is only a myth.

However, the Portronics Breeze fantastically shatters such misconceptions. If you’re on a budget, the Portronics Breeze bluetooth speaker is unarguably a great value for money. The speaker provides a 360-degree audio output with a wider sound field. The speaker excels in outdoor listening tests and also have a fantastic range. By that I mean that if you’re standing 5 to 10m away from the speaker, the Portronics Breeze sounds fuller and better overall.

We tested the Portronics Breeze on songs like “Animals by Martin Garrix”, The Fast and the Furious Tokyo Drift title track, Ghoomar from Padmavati, and loads of other songs. The speaker delivered strongest in the midrange (vocals). The sound output was quite clean and powerful. The bass had enough thump for movie nights. And the sound range was also pretty loud.

However as soon as you hit the speaker with some heavier bass, things get a little rough around the edges. But for casual listening, most people will be quite happy with how the Portronics Breeze sounds at such an affordable price tag.

As far as battery life is concerned, Portronics claims that the Breeze could last upto 5-6hours in upto 2 hours of charging. However, during our testing period of 1 week, we realised that the speaker could charge in about 1.5hours and at mid-level volumes the battery on the speaker could last more than 6hours. And at max output, one can expect the speaker to last about 5 hours.

Final Verdict

Out of the number of choices available in under 2500 price tag, the Portronics Breeze certainly offers much for its price. At a budget price tag, the speaker offers a loud and punchy audio output, great connectivity options, as well as a long lasting battery life. The Portronics Breeze shall never disappoint you in regular use and is great investment in terms of ROI.

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