Portronics Progenie Projector Review- A Tiny Box with Colourful Surprises


Rs. 20,999


    • Lightweight and Handy
    • Bright Enough for a Pitch Black room
    • Numerous Connectivity Features
    • Good Image Quality
    • Supports High-Quality Videos
    • Built-in Battery


    • Images aren’t very bright around edges
    • May get blurry sometimes

Looking for a portable handy little projector that allows you to enjoy movies and could deliver presentations on the go? Well, the Portronics Progenie Pico projector could be the best choice for you.
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While televisions are getting smarter, slimmer and lighter every passing day, Projectors on the other hand are also upgrading their technology to replace the conventional idiot boxes. Beating the televisions by offering freedom of variable screen sizes, color quality and now even the shelf price, projectors are taking an edge one step at a time. And in near future we hope the devices to come at an affordable price tag, so that the movie enthusiasts could replace their television with the tiny little projectors. We believe that the future of projectors is brighter than televisions. While a television shears your freedom of space and is stationary at a spot, projectors can be adjusted at any corner of your house. This is one of the major reasons why we believe that the advancements in LED technology will one day cruise swiftly and Pico or short throw home projectors will march alongside the costly televisions.

With that being said, we’ve got a fantastic tiny buddy with us for review today, the Portronics Progenie Pico projector. It’s a compact little handy machine that despite of its concise form factor is backed by a mesmerising picture production capability. Let’s start with the design first, before talking about the performance and color reproduction of the device.

Portronics Progenie- Design

The Portronics Progenie projector measures 8 x 3.8 x 8 cm in dimensions. Its smaller than a smartphone box packaging and comes in a square shaped construction weighing roughly 948grams (Total box weight). The device is as big as a burger and roughly weighs the same as a Maharaja Mac. The weight and size of the projector gives it an edge over the other projectors available in the market of its segment.

portronics progenie review

The front area of the Portronics Progenie occupies the lens adjoining the fan vent. The top area is made up of a shiny surface with Portronics branding on the top. While the rear and sides occupy the connectivity ports. It also comes shipped with a tripod stand that can be attached from the bottom without any hassle. There’s a tiny speaker packed inside the projector and is loud enough for enjoying movies in a medium sized room.

portronics progenie device review

Connectivity options on the Progenie include SD card slot, USB Port, HDMI Port, AV port, Aux and DC adaptor input port. It can be easily connected with any of the connectivity features and none of them troubled us during our testing period of about a week.

portronics progenie projector

The Portronics Progenie projector is handy and one can carry the device inside their bag while travelling. It’s easy to set up and the small tripod stand is also easy to fold and transport around with the projector. You can set up the device within a couple of minutes after unboxing it.

portronics progenie projector review

The projector is also backed by a built-in speaker and one can easily enjoy movie nights without the need of an additional speaker, however we would recommend using an external stereo system as the projector gives you the option to connect AUX.

Portronics Progenie- Performance

How many lumens of brightness are enough for watching videos? Well, there’s no specific number. Based on the amount of ambient light available, the brightness levels required often also vary. Hence if you’re using a projector in pitch dark room, even an average projector shall deliver bright results. While for rooms with some amount of ambient light, you’ll need a device with brighter lumen production.

The Portronics Progenie comes with 100 lumens of brightness which is low in comparison to others. However, if we talk about the performance of the projector. Well, clearly the machine cannot be used in a room with little amount of ambient light. You’ll have to shut every light source in case you wish to watch a movie. As soon as the lights are out, you’ll realise that the machine is bright enough to watch movies from a distance of about 8-10 feet without any trouble.

The Portronic Progenie projector features a built-in interface that helps you in selecting the various picture modes, input devices and the projector settings. It’s easy to use and one can easily operate it with the help of remote control packed inside the box.

For increasing the picture size one will have to position the projector according to the screen distance. The Portronics Progenie projector doesn’t have a keystone correction control and it comes with a dialler to adjust the focus levels. The dialler is easy to use and in case you require to adjust the angles, you’ll have to adjust the direction and height of the projector.

I tested the projector with some high-quality videos, songs and games, and all of the content played on the machine without any procedural hiccups. The pictures were bright and the colors were also pretty accurate. The images may feel a little blurry, but I guess this is the best one can get at this price point.

The Portronics Progenie Projector is good for people that wish to enjoy movie nights with friends and family. It may never disappoint you with performance and also has the calibre to take care of every movie or picture extension that you throw at it.

What’s best about the projector is that it comes with a built-in battery of 3400mAh which further gives you the freedom to carry the projector around without wires. In our testing period we were able to watch roughly 2 movies with one charge.

Final Verdict

It’s hard to select a projector when the budget is tight. And in case one wants to go with a budget projector, selecting the right one could become a tiresome task. The Portronics Progenie Projector offers a great value for money. The projector is good for people looking for movie nights with friends and also packs a loud speaker built-in. It a great tool for presentations. There are numerous connectivity options that are easy to operate and in regular use, the Portronics Progenie may never disappoint you. However, in any case you’ll have to make sure that there’s pitch black darkness inside the room while watching movies and playing games.

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