Talkase Mobile Review- A Credit Card Size Phone that fits in your Wallet


Rs. 4499


    • Tiny form factor
    • Good Build
    • Decent call quality
    • Good Signal Strength
    • Offers Great Battery Life


    • May take time getting habituated to
    • Display is too small

The Talkase Mobile phone is tiny card sized phone that could fit inside your wallet. It offers calling and messaging facility along with Bluetooth connectivity. Also, it’s not a smartphone.
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We all know that fashion repeats itself. And here’s one other example of it. The Talkase Mobile phone is a Kickstarter project phone exclusively available on Yerha that’s only a phone and not smartphone. The phone just gave me that nostalgic feeling of the time when Nokia, Motorola and Samsung feature phones arrived in India. Although all of them had a bigger than the one on Talkase Mobile, the phone on the other hand is way smaller, lighter and slimmer than them.

What’s Special?

So, now that you probably have an Idea about what the Talkase mobile phone is. Let’s take a look at the basic features of the phone.

Talkcase Mobile Phone

The Phone was arrived in a chocolate sized box with a charging adaptor and a rubberised case that conceals the phone from rear side. It is super light and similarly super slim measuring just about 5.5mm (wish all the smartphones had been this thin).

The height of the Talkase phone is 86mm, while the width is just about 48mm which is unerringly equal to a debit/credit card.

Talkcase phone

As far as the display is concerned, you don’t get a fancy AMOLED display on the Talkase phone, but a 1.1 inch(diagonal) P-OLED Display with a resolution of 128×36 Pixels (I know it’s silly to talk about resolution on a feature phone).

The screen is not touchscreen and also doesn’t offer any colors.

Also the website claims that you can get about 2.5-3 hours of battery life during calls with the 200mAh battery packed on the Talkase phone.

Surprisingly, the product offers a much higher standby time of about 4-5 days which is not the trend of smartphones these days. And I think it’s a good product if you’re an avid traveller and want to avoid keeping the smartphone.

Call Quality, Form Factor and Connectivity

The Talkase mobile phone is only meant for calling along with a couple of other tasks. If we keep aside all the secondary tasks, then calling experience on the mobile phone was great.

Talkcase mobile phone photo

The mobile phone offered me nearly 3 days of battery life in standby when I was only using it for calling purposes. There’s a SIM card slot which is placed on the rear side of the phone and it’s only a single SIM card slot, no fancy dual SIM connectivity. The call quality was decent and amazingly the smartphone worked well during phone calls even inside the walls of our office where most of the smartphones drop connectivity.

Form factor on the other hand is much impressive than what we get on similar phones from Fox and other some other Chinese manufacturers. Particularly, the Talkase phone doesn’t look cheap at all due to it rubber matte finish keys on the front and a shiny display at the top that didn’t receive any scratches even after rigorous testing.

Talkcase phone look

The rear side however packs 6 bolts that are clearly visible and make the Talkase phone look inexpensive. Also the rear panel received some scratches in comparison to the display which was still unblemished.

Apart from that a user can record voice and download nearly 60 ringtones on the phone.

As far as other connectivity options are concerned on the Talkase phone, you can connect the phone via Bluetooth that connects with both the iPhone and Android phone and you can use the phone to make phone calls instantly. The Bluetooth connection was swift and took place as soon as I clicked the button.

What’s not there?

The Talkase phone doesn’t offer you expandable storage option. The phone doesn’t play or record any videos. There’s no camera and one can of course do not download any applications from the Google Playstore (as you don’t get any Playstore on the phone). No option to play music and also no selfie or rear camera with beauty mode.

Final Verdict

The Talkase phone is only a feature phone that gets the calling done fantastically. The phone can be used as a secondary device. However, expecting something more from the phone won’t be the best idea. The battery life is the most impressive of all and if you’re a traveller that just doesn’t want to use a smartphone during travelling, this could be the best option for you available out there.

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